Montecassino abbey sits at the peak of a mountain, 520 metres above sea level looking over the sacred town of Cassino. The breathtaking monastery was established by Saint Benedict 1500 years ago (529 AD), which became the original monastery of the Benedictine order. Between 11th and 12th century Montecassino became one of the most prestigious monuments in Italy, and to this present day, the monastery holds some of the most ancient Italian scriptures within its library.

During his time at the monastery, St Benedict advocated the brewing of beer, as well as other natural products including honey. The beer brewed grew superior to others and soon became renowned throughout Europe. Using refined methods and techniques, the abbey brewery laid the foundation blocks as the true birthplace of Italian beer.

After decades of neglect, Birra MonteCassino began its restoration almost 80 years after its destruction in the infamous “Battle of Montecassino”. The monastery was beautifully restored, however, the brewery was left irretrievable. A dark history loomed over the town and the tragic event became predominantly what Cassino was recognised for. As well as this, Cassino lacked a traditional dish unlike every other town in Italy.

With locals frustrated, local entrepreneur Daniele Miri re-established Birra MonteCassino, therefore providing the town of Cassino a product to celebrate.

In 2018, with help from Italian beer giants “Peroni” a state of the art brewery was constructed named “Birrificio MonteCassino”. The microbrewery adopted traditional brewing methods whilst utilising modern day equipment. The farmland, rejuvenated with life after years of neglect, allowed for the first barley seeds to be sown and through using the mountains natural resources, including its exclusive water source, led to the first bottles of Birra MonteCassino in late 2018. The beer was hugely welcomed locally, which soon grew to being distributed across Italy's major cities.

In 2022, after a hugely successful period in Italy, Birra MonteCassino UK was formed with the mission to supply a naturally carbonated Italian craft beer across the UK. The beer emphasises traditional brewing methods providing an authentic and refreshing taste. Birra MonteCassino believes we have produced an extraordinary beer to match an extraordinary story.

Indulge into a 1500 year old history as you enjoy a Birra MonteCassino

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