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Our Story

Rediscovered in 2018 Birra MonteCassino truly has a unique history. First made famous over 1500 years ago, MonteCassino is the worlds oldest brewing abbey and was renowned for it's heavenly craft throughout Europe. Situated at the peak of a small mountain, overlooking the town of Cassino below, the abbey stood proud until the devasting WWII "Battle of Montecassino" in 1944 which halted production and left the abbey in ruin. The Montecassino abbey was beautifully restored in 1964, however the brewery was left irretrievable. But the story didn't end there.

Almost 80 years after the battle, the resurrection of Birra MonteCassino began. Through refining techniques and centuries old traditional brewing methods, whilst using the mountains natural water source, we have been able to produce a naturally carbonated ltalian craft beer with a distinctive and authentic flavour. Nestled in the hills of Montecassino within a state of the art brewery, we have revived the legacy.

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Birra Montecassino has been reborn